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The Founder of Million Miles Travel Agency

Thank you for taking a bit of time to learn about me and my agency Million Miles Travel Agency. I hope to reward you by allowing you and your travel group to step away from the overwhelm of travel planning. Million Miles Travel Agency began with creating my own itineraries and sharing them with my family and friends who then in turn shared it with others. 


I created those itineraries to bring joy to myself, my friends, and my family. I started taking them all over the world from relaxing on a gorgeous powder white beach in the Caribbean, watching a gorgeous scarf be woven by hand right before our eyes in Merida, standing on a mountainside so green in Costa Rica that it hurt our eyes, and exploring the wine and food in France and Italy. I created those experiences to go above and beyond what was experienced before. I continued that practice ever since. Because that is the type of travel that every traveler deserves. 

Travel goes beyond just booking flights and hotels; it is about really getting to know you as a traveler. That means being thoughtful about your needs and wants and being passionate about providing the very best travel experience to the groups that come to me.


You can be confident that every itinerary planned is unique and designed so you and your group will see what you want, when you want to see it, and how you want to see it.

Ready to Start Planning your next Vacation?

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