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Creating Community & Connection Through Extraordinary Group Travel Experience

We curate and design luxury itineraries for friends, families, couples, and adult exclusive groups.


Eliminate planning fatigue and group trip overwhelm

Have you ever tried to organize a group outing with friends or family? 

It starts out fun, but can quickly descend into a mess of differing opinions, collective frustration and there’s always that one person you can’t seem to satisfy. 

That stressful dynamic is not something you want to deal with when you’re trying to put together a cohesive, well-planned vacation. And you certainly don’t want to deal with unhappy travel companions in a destination. 

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, or work colleagues, we help manage your group’s expectations, simplify the planning process, and deliver itineraries everyone will love. 

Group Travel Planning Made Simple 


You deserve exceptional service from the moment you have your initial call, to the moment you return home from your trip. Unlike other agencies, we don’t take the ‘set-it and forget it’ type of approach. We are as invested in your trip as you are which is why we offer a concierge level of service, ensuring you have everything you need before and during your trip.


In this industry, who you know matters. I’ve cultivated relationships with the best of the best because that’s what my clients deserve. I’ve vetted and curated a portfolio of brands, and professionals that will both elevate your trip experience and provide you with exceptional service. 


Working with a travel professional who is well-traveled is an indisputable advantage. I bring those guidebooks and glossy travel magazines to life by sharing my own lived experiences with you. You gain insider knowledge and tips that will help you enjoy time in your destination even more. 



We understand that your work-life balance can be a bit of a juggling act, we’ve been there ourselves. It’s difficult to know what takes priority, and what gets put on the back burner. 

We think giving yourself a break from the mundane and sharing incredible new experiences with your friends, families, and colleagues is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Let us design an incredible vacation that takes you out of the ordinary, and lands you somewhere extraordinary.

  • Certified with 7+ years experience in the industry 

  • Professional background in law and research  

  • Well-traveled destination specialist


Plan Your Next Luxury Vacation

 STEP 1 
Tell Us About Your Dream Trip 

This is where we get to know about the trip you want planned. By completing our form, we’ll learn about your travel plans, and your travel style. This form will help us determine what your expectations are for your upcoming trip, and show you how working with my agency can bring your dreams to fruition. We’ll discuss our comprehensive fee (if applicable), and go from there.

 STEP 2 
Research, Proposal & Confirm

Within 3-5 business days, our team will design a thoroughly researched, handcrafted itinerary, tailored to your requirements, encompassing everything we discussed in your initial consultation call. For your convenience, your itinerary will be presented to you in a beautiful, easy-to-read, online format.


Finalize & Start Packing 

Congratulations, you’re ready to book! All of the components of your vacation will be re-confirmed and booked in. I will share any supplementary information that I feel will enhance your trip. This may include city guides, insider tips, and curated recommendations.

Hi there, I am Tammy, the founder of Million Miles Travel. 

My travel agency journey started years ago, researching and designing itineraries and then sharing them with friends and family. They loved them so much, they began sharing them with their network. A short time later, I was escorting them to idyllic white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, across lush Costa Rican mountainsides, and through some of the most picturesque vineyards in France and Italy.

I felt impassioned about showing my friends, family, and guests a side and perspective of travel they may not have experienced. I wanted them to see what it was like to experience a destination in a way that goes far above and beyond what they imagined.  


Along with hosting my own trips, I now help busy professionals and group leaders turn their travel visions into exciting, experience-rich global experiences. 


Let my team start planning your next trip today. 


Dreamworthy Destinations

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