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  • Tammy O'Hara

How To Travel Solo When You Don't Want To Travel Solo

If you have ever planned a group vacation that has fallen through you know the frustration of many travelers that want to go to one of those wonderful places that make up our great world but can never find even one person to go with. 

Prior to starting my travel agency, I worked as an attorney for a company that had a very generous paid vacation policy (5 weeks specifically). The problem was that I always wanted to travel but no one was ever available. So I figured out a way to travel "solo" without actually being alone. 

1) Take a tour with a supplier that works with solo travelers. I love G Adventures (I'm a total fan girl). I love them because I was able to travel solo but with the comforts of having things organized and done for me. You won't be stuck on a bus and will have the opportunity to do some activities with a group while also being able to branch out and do your own thing. It's the best of both worlds. There is no single supplement so you don't have to pay extra for traveling alone unless you want a room to yourself. 

2) Cruises are notorious for being difficult for solo travelers. To travel on most cruise lines as a single person you can sometimes have to pay up to 200% of the cabin price (basically double the amount) if you are a cruiser there are some solo friendly options: some cruise lines such as Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have cabins on specific ships designed specifically for solo travelers without the single penalty, other cruise lines such as Riviera River Cruises have specific sailing dates for solo travelers, and there are entire companies that deal solely in catering to a single cruiser. 

3) Find a travel group that caters to solo travelers (shameless plug coming up). Million Miles Travel Agency is in the process of designing travel that will cater to solo and group travelers alike. This travel club is set to travel, starting next year. There will be mix and mingle receptions, roommate matching, and free time so you can do your own thing while having scheduled activities if you want to sightsee with the group. 

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