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  • Tammy O'Hara

8 Romantic Destinations for LGBTQ Couples

Are you and your partner ready for the ultimate vacation? There are so many beautiful and exciting places around the world that host incredible experiences and inclusive communities. Our travel experts put together a list of the top 8 romantic destinations for LGBTQ couples, so you and your bae can be free to enjoy your vacation. Let’s dive in!

#1 Puerto Vallarta, México

Puerto Vallarta is a beach town in the southwestern region of Mexico. It’s known as the “Gay Beach Capital” of the country. How did they get this name? There is a place called the  “Old Town” in the southern part of the city that was developed largely by gay business owners and investors in the 1980s. Since then, LGBTQ tourists have frequented the city in search of great food, entertainment, and a chance to experience their beautiful beaches. The Old Town is also known as “Zona Romantica” (the romantic zone in English), and with a name like that, what couple wouldn’t want to check it out?

#2 Curacao

Off of the northern coast of South America lies a tiny island by the name of Curacao. Even though this country is small in stature, it is BIG in Pride! They have the highest rate of businesses that associate with the IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association), and much more to offer in the way of beaches, culture, and their annual Pride event.

#3 Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a small town on the northwest coast of Belgium, known for its medieval architecture, canals, chocolate, and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. There are many bars and restaurants that all openly welcome LGBTQ couples. Bruges is the perfect place for a quaint romantic vacation. It’s only a short train ride from the nightlife action in Antwerp or Brussels if that’s your thing.

#4 Malta

IGLA-Europe composes a list of all 49 European countries to rank them in terms of their respect for equality, and Malta is number 1. This Mediterranean island offers scenic hikes, bustling markets, and their own version of Carnival that happens every February. Valentine’s Day vacay anyone? 

#5 Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful place for you and your boo to enjoy. The country is very progressive when it comes to LGBTQ rights. Their natural hot springs are the biggest tourist attraction by far. These geothermal pools of water make you feel like you’re in a natural Jacuzzi. Most of the gay bars and clubs can be found in the capital city of Reykjavik, so consider this your “home base” if you are looking for the nightlife scene. 

#6 Portugal

In 2019, Portugal ranked number 7 with the IGLA-Europe and named one of the world’s best LGBTQ-friendly travel destinations. The city of Lisbon has been cited as the “gay center” of the country, with Arroios and Misericórdia being among the most inclusive neighborhoods in the city. Soak in some sun on the world famous Beach 19, or climb the Torre De Belem.

#7 The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has a rich history in LGBTQ rights that dates back to 1811 when homosexuality was decriminalized. Since then, the city has continued to lead the way for gay rights and now hosts the largest Pride celebration in the world. It occurs from July 31st-August 8th and attracts over half a million guests! You can participate in street parties, a Pride Walk, or a unique celebration: Canal Pride.

#8 Montreal, CA

Le Village Gai, or The Gay Village in English, is the LGBTQ cultural center in Montreal and is known as one of the most popular gay centers in North America. Take a stroll down St. Catherine Street to find popular restaurants and museums, or you can also hop on the metro to visit a variety of other city centers for your amusement. A unique feature in The Gay Village is the number of terraces it offers for terrace lovers; a whopping 50 in total! Plenty of choices for you to sip tea and smell the roses!

The choice is yours!

So many destinations, so little time! Visit us at to speak with our travel advisors about planning your perfect romantic getaway. Ready to plan your own getaway, click here to get started.

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