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Luxury Group Travel




1) Upgraded Travel Services We do not believe in traveling without the extra touches even if it’s just a quick getaway. Our trusted partners add the authentic tours and experiences that you want to make your next trip complete. 


2) Exclusive Group Amenity* Traveling as a group means spending time and experiencing a destination together. We want to help you do that by offering an exclusive travel amenity to all qualifying groups.  * A qualifying groups starts at 10 double occupancy rooms or cruise ship cabins.  


3) 24/7 Client Support Just because you are away doesn’t mean that you will be alone. You will always have the backing of 24/7 during travel assistance and our VIP packages offer in country hosting services for those requiring extra special attention.  


Popular Group Travel Destinations:  

1) Costa Rica;  

2) Dubai;

3) Cancun, Mexico;

4) Phuket, Thailand;  

5) Mykonos, Greece

6) South Africa


Experiences While In Destination

1) Catamaran Cruising

2) Exclusive dining experiences  

3) Private tours of tourist attractions

4) Wine and Food Tours Best suited for Adults looking to explore new and trendy destinations with likeminded individuals or friends and family.

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